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 Fox Head Lager  Beer Label
Fox Head Lager
Fox Head Waukesha
Waukesha, WI
U-Permit (1933 - 1935)
 St Marys Special Brew Beer Label
St Marys Special Brew
Elk County
St. Marys, PA
Pre-Pro / Pro (before 1933)
 Union Beer Beer Label
Union Beer
Detroit, MI
IRTP (1933 - 1950)


 Falstaff Pale Beer Beer Label
Falstaff Pale Beer
St. Louis, MO
U-Permit (1933 - 1935)
 Pabst Piccadilly Pale Beer Label
Pabst Piccadilly Pale
Premier Pabst
Milwaukee, WI
U-Permit (1933 - 1935)
 Brown Derby Extra Pale Beer Label
Brown Derby Extra Pale
Humboldt Malt & Brewing
Eureka, CA
U-Permit (1933 - 1935)
 Heilemans Old Style Lager Beer Label
Heilemans Old Style Lager
G. Heileman
La Crosse, WI
U-Permit (1933 - 1935)
 Century Beer Beer Label
Century Beer
Ph. Schneider
Trinadad, CO
U-Permit (1933 - 1935)
 Extra Bohemian Beer Label
Extra Bohemian
Nassau Brewing Co
Brooklyn, NY
Pre-Pro / Pro (before 1933)
 Kingsbury Christmas Brew Beer Label
Kingsbury Christmas Brew
Sheboygan, WI
Post-IRTP (after 1950)
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