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Important Things To Note When Ordering Online

Here are a few important things to take note of when using our online store:

Online Ordering Instructions

Having trouble ordering? We can help. Just follow these simple instructions to easily and securely shop using our online webstore:

  1. Use our comprehensive Search & Sort to find the labels you are interested in. This feature is located in the upper left column.

  2. Click on any product's photo or "View Details" button to view the product details. The product details page will show you all the important information you need.

  3. To purchase any product add the product to your shopping cart by going to that product's details page, selecting the quantity you want, and clicking the "Buy Now" button.

  4. When you add any item to your shopping cart, your shopping cart will pop up in a new window so that our webstore is still open in one window and your shopping cart is now open in a second window. The shopping cart window will have a white background.

  5. Use the "Continue Shopping" button from your shopping cart page to continue shopping on our webstore. Some web browsers may not display a "Continue Shopping" button on the shopping cart page, in which case you can simply return to our webstore window and continue shopping. As you continue to shop, your shopping cart will store each item you add until you are ready to check out and complete your order.

  6. Use the "Secure Checkout" button from your shopping cart page to check out and complete your order. The checkout process is powered by PayPal. Simply follow the PayPal checkout instructions and when you are done you will be sent back to our webstore. You will receive a receipt and record for your order by email.

  7. While using our webstore, you can view your shopping cart or check out at any time by clicking the "View Cart" or "Check Out" links in the top menu.

  8. Can't Find Your Shopping Cart? Any time you add an item to your shopping cart or click the "View Cart" and "Check Out" buttons in the top menu, your shopping cart should pop up in a new window with a white background. If you did not get a popup window for your cart, you most likely have popup blocking set up in your web browser or you may have javascript disabled. Please turn off popup blocking for our website and enable javascript. We do not pop up any advertisements. We only pop up the shopping cart for your convenience. Also note that you may already have the shopping cart open in another browser window/tab that is simply hidden from view. Please check your other open browser windows/tabs if you are having trouble opening the cart.

Additional Information

If you have followed these instructions and still need help, please feel free to contact us to let us know what the problem is and we will be happy to assist you.

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