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Top 10 Reasons I Can Buy Your Labels

  1. 30+ years experience - My name is Thor Kampher and I have been collecting vintage U.S. beer labels since 1982 & I have handled millions of labels from some of the biggest collections ever to be sold. I have the largest inventory of U.S. beer labels in the world & I will use my 30+ years of experience to evaluate your beer label collection.
  2. Top $$$ paid - I will pay you more for your collection than anyone else. I deal only in high quality vintage U.S. beer labels and have the $$$ to insure my offer will beat all others. DON'T BE FOOLED BY LOW-BALL OFFERS made by amateur dealers that don't specialize in beer labels. I will beat any legitimate offer (or tell you that you have already gotten the best offer).
  3. I will travel to you - No matter where you live I can personally travel to meet you with you. We can meet at your destination to assess your beer label collection. No annoying e-mails or phone calls. No tedious picture taking or list making. We can meet face to face and establish a value for your beer label collection & you will be paid cash on the spot.
  4. I am a beer label expert - DO NOT TRUST YOUR BEER LABELS TO SOMEONE THAT IS NOT A BEER LABEL EXPERT. General breweriana dealers, antique dealers and internet scavengers rarely handle old beer labels. The highly specialized hobby requires expertise in label identification. The slightest label variations or differences in condition can differ greatly in value. Your labels may be very rare or very common. Let an expert decide.
  5. Cash paid fast - I will pay you cash on the spot. You are parting with a valued collectible. Do you really want to be given an out-of-state check and then have to wait for it to clear your account?
  6. I will buy 1 or 1 million labels - Every beer label is important. I will buy any scarce single label and have the resources to purchase beer label collections that are too large for other buyers. From the care taken examining rare single labels, to my unique label appraisal indexing system for large collections, I will be sure that no label is overlooked or undervalued.
  7. Knowledge of the label market - The market for vintage U.S. beer labels fluctuates greatly. Just like real estate or the stock market, you need to know when to sell to maximize you profits. As a reputable and knowledgeable beer label dealer I know how, when and where to sell labels. This expertise proves invaluable when purchasing your collection.
  8. All sales are confidential - All clients, whether buyers or sellers, receive full confidentiality. I respect your privacy and never reveal the names of sellers or the financial specifics of any dealings. Your labels will change hands completely anonymously.
  9. Trust & Integrity - I have been a member of the largest U.S. breweriana club (the BCCA) since 1984 and I will personally handle your collection 100% of the time. Upon request I can provide quality references and buyer/seller testimonials from my 30+ years as a beer label collector and dealer. My honesty and integrity will speak for itself. BE SURE TO ASK FOR CREDENTIALS & REFERENCES WHEN YOU ARE SELLING ANY TYPE OF COLLECTION.
  10. Large collector base - I have numerous channels to connect beer label enthusiasts with the labels they seek. Your labels will reach the top U.S. beer label collectors in the world. There are advanced collectors waiting to add your beer labels to their high-end collections. Your labels may be the missing link a life-long collector seeks to complete a collection. I make sure quality beer labels find good homes.
Send me an e-mail
Send me an e-mail

My beer labels

Me in 2010
with just some of my
1000s of old beer labels

1930s beer label albums

1930s beer label albums

Beer Label Collection

Early 1900 beer label album
with very rare labels

Beer Label Album

A 1940s beer label
album with 350+ labels

Beer Label Collection

1940s labels soaked from bottles
at the bottling department