Best Offer is a unique way to buy old beer labels.
It allows the buyer & seller to agree on beer label values.
There are no set market values for beer labels.
Best Offer allows the market to decide.

Best Offer Rules

  • All labels are singles, no duplicates : I will never list Best Offer labels from quanitity finds or that I have many duplicates of. A Best Offer label is a single at the time of listing & will not be offered again.
  • All offers must use the BO form only : the user must enter their offer & e-mail address using the Best Offer Form. NO OFFERS will be considered outside of Best Offer Form submissions.
  • Make offers in full $1 amounts : only whole dollar amounts are used. There are no cents or decimal points. Just enter the whole digit number of your offer (no zeros after).
  • BO labels have a minimum $20 value : all of the Best Offer labels have a minimum $20 value. Labels with lesser values will be assigned a fixed price.
  • One offer per label until settled : Make your Best Offer right away. You cannot change your offer until it has been "Declined" or beaten by another offer.
  • Maximum of (5) different label offers at a time : You can have open offers on at most (5) labels at any given time. After reaching the limit of (5), you may only make offers again once your offers have been "Accepted" , "Declined" or beaten my another offer.
  • Offers settled within 24 hours : Your offer will be "Accepted" or "Declined" via e-mail within 24 hours. Most of the time offers are settled within a few hours.
  • All offers are posted real time : Every offer is posted immediately with the date, time & unique User ID.
  • Offers are reviewed subjectively : Offers are reviewed solely on the basis of the dollar amount. The administrator is impartial to who is making the offer, only the $ amount is considered. Everyone has the same fair chance.
  • I may reply with a counter offer : a counter offer e-mail may be sent in reply to your offer. Most counter offers are sent once you have made several reasonable offers (on the same label). I will not send a counter offer to your first offer.
  • 5 days to pay accepted offers : If your offer is accepted, you have 5 days to complete your purchase.
  • $2 U.S. shipping for labels under $30 : offers of $29 or less will be charged $2 for USPS First Class Mail shipping in a plastic toploader sleeve & rigid cardbooard mailer.
  • FREE SHIPPING IN U.S. for labels $30+ : offers of $30 or more will be shipped free to U.S. addresses only.
  • Non-U.S. shipping will be minimum $7 USD : International buyers must be from countries that I ship to. I do not ship to Australia, China, Japan or Italy. The minimum international shipping charge will be $7 USD and could be higher depending on your country. Canada will be $5 USD. Non-U.S. orders will be shipped via First Class International mail ONLY, unless the buyer wants to pay much higher charges for different services.
  • Pay via Paypal, check or money order : You have the option to pay online via Paypal or mail a check or money order. Paypal and money orders are shipped the next business day. All checks are held a minimum of 5 business days until posted to my banlk account.
  • 3% added to total for Paypal payments : Your accepted offer is the CASH PRICE for payment via check or money order. 3% WILL BE ADDED TO U.S. BUYER TOTALS IF PAID WITH PAYPAL to cover the fees I incur for accepting Paypal payments. Non-U.S. buyers will be charged 4% for Paypal payments, due to higher Paypal fees charged for currency converions.
  • Non-payers will be blacklisted : If you do not pay for a label, you will be prohibited from submitting future offers.
  • Winners names are confidential : I will not share the names of any winning offers. Each user receives their own unique User ID that is not known to other users.
  • BO labels end 30 days after most recent Declined offer : all Best Offer labels are listed for a minimum period of 30 days. If the label receives any offer that is declined, the 30 day period starts from that date. After 30 days of not receiving any offers the label listing will end & no further offers will be considered.
  • Accepted offers shown for 14 days : Once an offer is accepted, the price is shown for 14 days, then it is removed.
  • One e-mail address per user : you may only use one e-mail address and will be assigned only one User ID. YOU CANNOT USE DIFFERENT E-MAIL ADDRESSES TO OBTAIN MULTIPLE USER IDs.
  • No grumps allowed - Have Fun !! : This is my hobby. It is not a business. I do it for enjoyment & for the good friends I have in the hobby. If you are a grumpy or unpleasant person, don't let your dark clouds cast upon my sunshine.

1105 Beer Labels Listed

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- USPS Tracking # (for $20+)
- 1000s of shipments since 1999